CRM Vender Challenge 2015

Stephen Carroll Jr
As I have recently been looking for a F&I menu system - I started looking at desking / CRM options as well to see if I could consolidate some of my every growing list of software venders. I discovered - more like re-affirmed what we are close - but still a ways to go I discovered that no real options exist to go from CRM -> Desking -> Finance Menu .. what a shame .. I can data and equity mine my entire data base ( important yes ) but I cant do a menu payment choice in finance .. once they are in finance So my challenge for the CRM / Desking Companies out there - help me streamline processes, in a positive customer focused manner, driving revenue in all points of the showroom 1) CRM - showroom and ILM 2) Push the deal to Desking ( including mobile options for sales reps ! ) with real integrated rates - residuals - special aprs 3) Push the deal to a Finance / F&I menu selling program with eRated / eContracting efficiencies 4) Accessory selling opportunities - both OEM and Aftermarket options - based on INSTALLED labor times and parts pricing (AOA for example ) 5) Submit the structured deal to Dealertrack AND RouteOne ( for those of us who have a Nissan and a Toyota Store ) 6) Market Postsale declined opportunties - just like in service Declined Opt Code Marketing - sell some accessories - extended service contracts - tire and wheel - etc for those that didnt buy at the time of sale ( see eRating for automated pricing ! ) 7) Sell eRated products in the service drive for those customers losing their factory coverage and did not buy at time of sale Faster showroom and time to sell .. more efficient .. greater customer satisfaction .. more revenue for margin stressed front end sales ... Close but not quite there yet ...
Stephen Carroll Jr
Sorry - Forgot one items - 8) Integrated Rewards and Loyalty Program- be nice for the desk managers / BDC reps / sales reps / data mining - everyone - to be able to see what if any points and programs and perks the customer has right in desking - right in the CRM ( Nissan and GM dealers have programs supported by the OEM run by Marist - a pretty big company .. i am sure there are others ) .. maybe the CRM could actually keep track and pull info based on retention / loyalty program ( you have access to my DMS for service sales !! ) .. maybe we would retain a few more customers with the info right at the finger tips of the right people at the right time (real ZMOT - right in the showroom ! ) .. and what if the rewards program automatically rewarded for EVERYTHING .. accessories - referrals - buying an extended service contract - lease loyalty - service sales .. the list goes on Thank you and sorry for the additional post

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