Customers that suddenly have to leave

Vincent R
So I've been struggling with this for a little while and no one has really been able to pinpoint what it is.A customer comes in wanting to test drive a specific vehicle, we look around, pick one that they like and go on a test drive. Once we get back and I invite them inside they suddenly have excuses for not wanting to move forward. (i.e. They have to go somewhere, they just want a card, etc.) Can anyone please help me figure out why customers do this and how to prevent it from happening again? Thanks.
Kevin Liles
They don't like the vehicle, you, the dealership, mgmt??? You ask disqualifying questions like what do you want to pay a month, how much down, are you putting cash down, how's your credit. Your question is very open. How is your process? Do you get trades up front and then start looking. If you move your trade appraisal to the 2nd step right the greeting and then demo the vehicle in the 3rd step you will double your write ups. In the second step ask questions like what do you most/least about your current car? What are you looking for in your next? About how long have you had it? When you purchased it what did you pay for it? Ask a few more then ask by the way what are you currently paying now? Wow how did you get that so low? Then you will have a better idea to what car to direct them to. While you are on a demo the trade is getting looked at and everyone wants to know what there is worth. Hope this helps as I could keep going. I do believe I emailed you some info a while back and should have helped you. Hope this helps and good luck.
Vincent R
I usually do ask all those questions. As far as process, the trade appraisal comes at the same step as the write up.
Lauren Moses
Vincent, I wouldn't worry to much. I think it happens more in this industry than people let on. Kevin has some very good points. Make sure that you are asking the right questions. Ask questions to get them narrowed down on what vehicle suits their needs. Do great walk arounds and find out if there are any concerns about said vehicle. Break down the barriers that you come across and confront any issues they have right as they mention them. Do you find that alot of the customers doing this want to know numbers before even setting foot inside the showroom? If that is the case they may be shopping you after they already have numbers from another dealership.
Vincent R
Not necessarily, Lauren. Half the time they hadn't even asked about the price!
Lauren Moses
So they take a test drive and just leave? That's odd I'm still racking my brain as to why they wouldn't want some sort of other information before leaving. Have any of them come back? Or even given you enough information to do a good follow up with them after a few hours or the next day?

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