Delivering Vehicles.... Coast to Coast

Victoria Dillabough

Our dealership has seen an increase in demand from other provinces (yes, I live in Canada!). Last month we were delivering vehicles from Alberta all the way to Ontario... while this is GREAT, sure, we find we have some missings with probably the most important part of the vehicle sale (the delivery!). Curious is anyone else delivers vehicles hours and hours away, often using transport agencies, and if the delivery is a huge missing when you do this. We drive it wherever we can, but the max on that has typically been a 14 hour one way drive. How do you achieve the metrics of a "perfect delivery" when you are unable to actually DELIVER the car yourself? 

Bart Wilson

Great question.  I think that delivery companies are going to be a big issue as digital retailing becomes mainstream.

How do you handle the charge?  

Victoria Dillabough

It depends....

we typically do a case by case basis sometimes we charge the unit and take it out of the gross, other times it comes from the customer who offers to pay and we are able to get a deal through our vendors 

Amanda Hanson

This is an interesting problem we have as well. We find customers have a lot more issues when we don’t deliver them directly. How do you combat this Victoria 

Victoria Dillabough

We do sometimes have this issue! Customers can more easily fabricate the truth of what they receive so unfortunately we have yet to completely solve this...


any sugestions?!

Ben Cheema

do follow up calls work? i find that eliminates any issues

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