Delivering Vehicles.... Coast to Coast

Victoria Dillabough

Our dealership has seen an increase in demand from other provinces (yes, I live in Canada!). Last month we were delivering vehicles from Alberta all the way to Ontario... while this is GREAT, sure, we find we have some missings with probably the most important part of the vehicle sale (the delivery!). Curious is anyone else delivers vehicles hours and hours away, often using transport agencies, and if the delivery is a huge missing when you do this. We drive it wherever we can, but the max on that has typically been a 14 hour one way drive. How do you achieve the metrics of a "perfect delivery" when you are unable to actually DELIVER the car yourself? 

Victoria Dillabough

While follow up calls help, we do find we miss the delivery feedback and showing them how to do things (pair their phones!!) maybe we aren’t great at our follow up calls... what do you use?!

Ben Cheema

we typically use a follow up call script which addresses our most common issues. we find when following these we get to the roots, and typically managers make calls not sales - do your sales people do the calls

Victoria Dillabough

We always do them individually, I LOVE the idea of a different voice. Do you work in teams w team leaders?

Ben Cheema

Victoria, individually. Our SR Managers and BDC typically make the calls. SR for the heat scores

Derrick Woolfson

Is this mostly for new or pre-owned? From my experience, if the vehicle was pre-owned it was not uncommon to sell them across the US (and even then, it was usually for very specific niches). However, more often than not the customer would either drive/fly-in to pick up the vehicle, and to complete their paper-work. As for new, it was VERY rare to sell it outside of our PMA as the cost to sell someone a vehicle outside of our PMA did not always make sense for us. Especially when it came to the OEM's service retention guidelines. But this is certainly fascinating! 

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