Digital Showroom

Victoria Dillabough

Do any of you guys have a "digital showroom" or is it all very vehicle based filled with your newest and best used and new inventory? 

Chris K Leslie

What do you mean by digital showroom? Do you have an example? 

Bart Wilson

+1.  I'm intrigued.

Victoria Dillabough

We're looking at getting rid of all the vehicles in our showroom and building in kiosks. Similar to the ones you see in malls... build and shop for you own vehicle on the kiosks, get a print out, salesperson comes to you once you've built your vehicle to go through your options

Bart Wilson

Interesting idea.  I'm wondering if part of the process isn't showing off the vehicles.  Do you need both the cars and the kiosks? 

What are the salespeople doing during this process?   It's an intriguing concept.

Chris K Leslie

This is a really interesting idea. 

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