Do you track the number of cars you appraise and those you take in?

Alice Jacobson
I've read most dealers quantify just about everything in their dealership but this. Want to see if this is true.
mark rask
yes we do. We can also see where they end up if we did not trade for them.
Alice Jacobson
Thanks, Mark. How can you see this info; does your DMS track it?
Robert Karbaum
Most certainly. Also how many appraisals in comparison to customers. But we track almost everything there is to track.
Alice Jacobson
Thanks, Robert! Will make a note of that.
Megan Barto
Our appraisal software shows a "Appraisal Closing Rate" on the first screen when you login. We also track held gross on trades! Allowance v ACV v Front Gross v Back Gross v Gross Around.

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