Down Payment Match

Morgan Hardy

Is anyone offering to match down payments currently? Up to how much? I've seen from $1k up to $3500. I actually heard a customer say that he'd put more down if they matched more. 

Chris K Leslie

Im always a fan of doing down payment match. We arent doing it right now but I think I will present it.

Ben Misra

Most financial institutions will not allow dealerships to enhance any down payment. "Rebates" can only come from the manufacturer. One thing to look at would be to have a different incentive such as "Lifetime Oil Changes"

Morgan Hardy

@Ben- lifetime oil changes seems to be something of the past. I think that it costs dealerships too much in the long run. 

Rob M

I disagree on lifetime oil changes. They sound great, but the cost is minimal. The average person keeps their car, what, 3-4 years? Most modern cars get 1-2 oil changes per year, so you’re paying for 4-8 oil changes on average. Most of these programs are non transferable.

Sounds like a much bigger benefit (and cost) than it is. Sure you’ll have the odd customer who keeps getting those free oil changes on his 14 year old ride, but those are few and far between. And they make a great opportunity for a strong testimonial video.

Chris K Leslie

Are lifetime warranties still a thing too? 

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