Down Payment Match

Morgan Hardy

Is anyone offering to match down payments currently? Up to how much? I've seen from $1k up to $3500. I actually heard a customer say that he'd put more down if they matched more. 

Morgan Hardy

@Chris- I can't tell you the last time I've seen a lifetime warranty being offered. 

Morgan Hardy

@Rob- I understand what you're saying. We did away with the lifetime oil changes a couple of years ago because it was wasn't beneficial for us. A lot of manufacturers offer free oil changes/service for the first two years anyway. 

Chris K Leslie

Did you guys lose any business when you stopped doing that Morgan? 

Bart Wilson

@chris, that's a good way to see if the promotion worked.  Did you lose business when you stopped doing it? 

Morgan Hardy

@Chris- the customers that already had it were able to keep it but it is not being offered to new customers. We had some complaints initially especially from customers that had previously bought from us, knowing if they purchased a new vehicle, they'd no longer have this benefit. However, there's not another dealer in our area that is offering it so after some research, they accepted it in most cases. 

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