Elon Goes Private...Maybe

Amanda Gordon

As Elon toys with taking Tesla private one must wonder. Is this  a tactic to help revive the company via marketing genius or simply a boy trapped in a man's body taking his ball from the playground and running home?

Chris K.

Elon Musk is one of the smartest men of our age. Everyone is seriously jealous of him, just look at his companies - cool as heck! If you know finance and stocks, you know that people make MORE money when a stock goes DOWN,  then when it goes up RIGHT? He is fighting his best to bankrupt the short sellers and I hope he's hurt them all. Sadly, the last thing I want is a major Electric Car company to be controlled by the people who control the cost of oil.

Amanda Gordon

Thanks for the feedback Chris. Elon is most definitely one of the greatest minds of our time. 

Kelly Kleinman

One of my best friends was at a Hollywood awards event/dinner with him and 3 or 4 of the richest guys in the world, plus uber-rich hedge fund managers were attending as well.  My friend is not in their atmosphere but he's just below it (He funded FilmNation).  Anyway, he told me that Musk mentioned a new project he wanted to start and everyone at the event said they'd put in millions.  Without a single pitch needed, they all said they were in.  Is he a genius?  With that kind of influence, I'd say heck ya!  Is he a poor manager and opportunist who sees a way he can do whatever he wants w/o the threat of shareholders and the SEC over his head...yes to that as well. Bottom line, he named his company after a real genius with no legal ramifications to fear because there are no heirs to the Tesla legacy (since he died broke).  Buyer beware with Musk. He's no Nicola Tesla.

Chris K

He has reusable space rockets that land back on Earth, he is a genius.

Mark Rask

He is an amazing man

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