Emailing Leads?

Drew Bettiol

Howdy All!

My sales managers have given up on our salespeople reaching out to leads because they've done a horrible job handling them so they have started to assign them to me as the one who is charge of the internet/marketing department. I have never done this before but am always on the computer to send prospects an email or call (get nervous every time) what are some effective introductory emails you send to prospects?

Brittany Alva

Hi Drew! The company I work for, Better Car People, works with sending quality first responses to internet leads.

After sending over 80 million emails, we've learned that people really just want to hear back from PEOPLE. Make sure they know your response is coming from you. Make it personal, answer any questions they have, and make going further down the sales funnel easy for them. 

If you have any questions, let me know! I'd be glad to help any way I can (:

Bart Wilson

Not to knock your managers, but this doesn't seem like a scalable way to handle Internet leads.  You will either not follow them up long enough or get buried with tasks.  How has the community solved for this without adding a bunch of staff?

Mark Rask

This is the main reason that we had to put a bdc together

Drew Bettiol

I'm thinking it's going to really take away from our marketing strategy since I am having to focus on reaching out to leads. I suppose they don't want to add a bdc department I have no idea really. I am having to learn on the fly.

Jake Smith

Bad idea from management. There has to be someone with 100 percent focus on responding to Internet leads with answers to buyer questions in an extremely fast manner. The dealer who provides the best info first, wins. 

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