Engagement tips

Bart Wilson

As I think about how the roles of a BDC agent, salesperson, and service advisors are evolving, customer engagement is an important skill. We are used to this interaction face-to-face, but with the transactions moving to other communication channels, it's vital that we learn how to interact and engage customers. 

What are some tips you have on engaging customers?

Chris K Leslie

I've been spending more time with our teams making sure they know how to really use the tools we already have. In many cases people forget that they can text customers from the CRM for example. 

Steve Roessler

1). Texting to earn the right to get the person on the phone

2). Schedule Live Meeting with the customer (video conferencing) to get in front of the customer faster than your competition.    Trade Appraisal, F&I, Meet & Greet, Credit Apps, Proposals and more should be leveraged.

3). Personalized videos to humanize the car buying experience vs templates.   Customer want to know who they will be dealing with at the dealership.     It's a great set up to get the people on the phone or in a Live Meeting.

Bart Wilson

@Chris, good stuff. It sounds like a valuable activity. 

@Steve, thanks for the insight. I know been banging on the pulpit of engagement for years.

Morgan Hardy

Adapt yourself to the customer's needs/preferences as far as communication goes. If someone prefers text or email, you'll lose them if you keep trying to call them. 

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