Equal Price = Equal Powr

Amanda Gordon

What if all of the Dealer Principals sat down and said "sticker is thicker" and that was the end of it. No "haggle" now sway. Clients pay MSRP because after all, that is what the Manufacturer suggests...How would that affect the way business is done and most importantly the bottom line? 

Mark Rask

This would never happen.......consumers are to savvy

Amanda Gordon

I don't know Mark. If there was only one way and one price, how much of a push back could they actually give? It's something I've always wondered seeing pricing shift so heavily away from MSRP. I feel as though the fact that new car deals actually  loose money is an insane business model and I'm not even in the new car sector. 

Amanda Gordon

My humble opinion of course ;-)

Amanda G

Unfortunately, the car dealer has trained the people and now the people are used to seeing low payment, low price, 0% interest, no money down, below invoice pricing, etc. 

How would you go back now?

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