finance question

Ty Bullard
What is the benchmark for the time frame it should take from when your customer agrees on numbers till they go into the business office to sign papers? I know there are a lot of variables in this (cash deals, bad credit, etc.) but what should be the timeframe we shoot for specifically? Just trying to measure it and improve and want to know what the best is. Thanks
Shawn Ryder
I wouldn't think it should take too long - how many business managers do you have at the dealership?
Clint Jones
There are so many variables that it is really a difficult question to answer. If it is a Cash deal or an Auto Approve type of credit score, it generally takes us about 2 minutes to get the customer into the Finance Office. On some of the questionable credit customers, we may take an hour or more to get them into the finance office.
Megan Barto
Our "goal" is 10 minutes. Then again, like Shawn & Clint said - it can be dependent upon a myriad of situations. But just remember - when the customer comes into the Finance Office, their internal "clock" resets - as far as waiting goes. Because they're not waiting for the sales person anymore, they're waiting for someone new. Another difference is - when they're in the box, they know the Finance Manager is working only for them. When the Salesperson disappears & makes them wait - they don't know what the sales person is doing.
mark rask

Megan is right.....10 minutes is a good benchmark....however when sat rolls around that is hard

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