Finding people to do video editing

Scott Dube
I want to find a person or persons to do very basic video editing for video walk arounds. Any ideas? Very basic down and dirty. Just don't have the time. Thanks in Advance!
Megan Barto
Check out a local community college & offer an (unpaid!) internship! Many local schools have some sort of "Multimedia" program. I'm sure fresh young college kids would LOVE to just sit & edit video all day! :-)
Scott Dube
Thanks Megan!
Bill Simmons
I have found students from our local high school tech center in the photo/video program are great candidates. They love to do it and they get extra credit at school for doing this type of work.
Cody Jerry
I third the local school initiative. I would pay for the service, though. You get what you pay for, and there is definitely value in the service that they are providing.
Dustin Lyons
The school idea is a great one, especially if you are just looking for a few basic cuts. You could probably get a class to do a contest to design your titles and logo sting/opener etc... If the school thing doesn't work out let me know, I can definitely help with the editing as well as the shooting if you want to also save some time there. I do agree with Cody, you get what you pay for and there is definitely value in high quality video. I would also be happy to help give you suggestions on a good walk around videos etc...

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