Fleet pay plan

Rick B

Can anyone give me some ideas for a good fleet pay plan for a high line mid volume store? I'm very familiar with traditional pay plans but not fleet. I've got fleet/broker/rental connections and have been selling a high volume of units on a gross pay plan making little money in comparison to others selling half the volume to regular retail customers. The auto group for which I work is unfamiliar with fleet and is open to discussing a fleet manager position with a fair pay plan. I would like to pitch a pay plan which they may accept as they are open to suggestions if they are realistic (its not a corporate store).

Mark Rask

I would think a tiered volume plan mighty work

Derrick Woolfson

@Rick, our pay plan was as follows: 

Monthly Salary 

OEM Kick Back (with fleet, the OEM paid a stair step; i..e 10 units $500 per unit, 15 units $750 per unit, etc.)

Internal Volume Bonus: 15 units $1,750 

We went with a salary because the sales process was much longer for fleet sales than retail sales. If the sales consultant (fleet manager) sold an average of 12-15 units a month (with the salary) they made six figures. I would look into what the OEM offers, and see if it is a stable program, and if it would make sense to include that. 

Mark Rask

Derrick that siunds good 

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