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Tori Zinger

Check out Nissan's new safety feature; I think this kind of thing is long overdue.

 Do you think this will eventually become standard, or even required, on all makes and models?


Amanda Gordon

I'm pushing past the back seat reminder and onto AI. I've been ready for self driving cars for at least five years.

I do like the tech involved in that reminder however. Kudos Nissan.

Tori Zinger

Ha, Amanda! I hate to tell you, but they put a self-driving car on the road in Las Vegas yesterday and it got into an accident with another vehicle within the first hour. We might be waiting a bit longer for those. :(

That safety feature might seem frivolous to some, but when I lived in California, I would see these stories on the news at least a couple times a month where someone forgot their infant or sleeping toddler in the backseat. Very sad! Great job, Nissan!

Tori Zinger

The same was true when I lived in the deep south, Sunny. I definitely don't think they're frivolous; I think they should be required, and that they should have been developed years ago.

There are actually people who need a reminder that their child is in the back seat? Woah... Love the feature though and not surprised being a Nissan salesperson that they are leading the way! 

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