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Hello. I would like to get some advice regarding car sales. I'm in health care sales now and have really given some thought into applying for a car sales position. I am frustrated with my current job as I am not being rewarded financially for the amount of money I bring into the company. Since I do have a background in sales, I would like to approach a higher end (Mercedes Benz) dealership but I want to apply in person rather than sending an application online. Would it be best to call first to see if they accept walk-ins or just drop in and say "I'd like to drop off my resume and fill out an application"? Honestly, I feel more comfortable dropping by and submitting my resume in person but I am not familiar with how car dealerships feel about drop ins. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
Steve Tuschen
It depends on the dealership. Here we would gladly accept the resume and if the manager is onsite we would interview on the spot. It maybe best to call and ask as some places require online screening before they will talk to you.
Thank you, Steve. I will do that. Do you think it will be a challenge to apply at a higher end dealership without any car sales experience? The job posting says "Will train the right individual" but doesn't say if experience is necessary.
Clint Jones
Walk in and do it! It will show that you're not afraid of rejection. Steve is right, most Sales Managers will interview you on the spot, as long as they're not busy.
Steve Tuschen
It doesn't matter the type of manufacturer of vehicle, it is your abilities they will look at.
Thank you everyone for your kind advice. Any other tips would be appreciated!

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