Generation Z is buying cars?

Dealer Guy

I got an email today from Autotrader telling me that Generation Z will be showing up to buy their new cars at the showroom this weekend. These are folks born in the late 1990's and early 2000's.

Anyone born in 2000 is 17 years old. They cannot get financed. They just got a drivers license, maybe. Most people this age don't have a credit file, and many still are finding their first jobs. Many are in school or middle school right now. Some just graduated high school and some are in college. Most really are just getting started as freshly minted adults and older teens. Most kids this age don't have credit or money.

So... Are these people really buying cars? With what - parents money? What does Autotrader want to tell us? Have our video game consoles ready for them?

mark rask

This is great....."come on in but bring your parents"

Adam Lee Herrick

So - what we're snarkily saying here is "lets ignore nearly 4 years of in market segment buyers (who by the way are THE primary consumers targeted by the tech advances the OEMs latest refreshes and sweeping model reforms) who are the cause of emerging research and shopping channels, the catalyst for disruptive markets abilities to emerge and thrive (lightstream, car lingo, carvana and vroom, etc) and DEFINITELY lets not start thinking about how to get ready for them - no need to retool our process, merchandising, training, advertising ---- because as we all know the up bus is JUST about to pull up". Scary attitudes guys. Why in the world would anyone want to listen to Autotrader - they're just one of the largest aggregates of automotive big data, buying trends and analytics. Psht.....numbers and junk. Who needs that when you've got Cardone's road to the sale right?

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