Getting Rid of the Plaid Jacket

Christopher Murray
Great thoughts Chris! I could not possibly agree more! The internet is roughly where FM radio was in the mid to late 1970's but look where it is now? It is ion the way out! So, as the Internet Era slowly puts the lights out on the white bucks, plaid jacket and white belt era of the car business and we all climb aboard something will come along soon that sees the internet and transparency, etc.. as a dinosaur and the whole process starts all over! I am glad to be able to put away the old process and move into the new!
Chris Younggren
Thank you Christopher. Yes change is inevitable, yet we fight it so much. There is opportunity in change. Many great fortunes have been made by those insightful enough to embrace it.
Mike Elliott
Great comments, Chris. Wouldn't it be fair to say that the Internet (it's proliferation of easy to find information) is driving change in many industries, just like you demonstrated in auto sales? Are there other industries who are doing a good job of embracing these changes, and adapting their sales model to the changing customer?
Christopher Murray
I think most industries have done a great job in embracing the internet or the ecommerce aspect of it especially the small ticket, high volume purveyors. Big ticket, cars, boats, houses, motorcycles, etc... are on a very old and necessary business model of "make as much as you possibly can on each transaction. The Big Ticket moves slow because we have to!
Chris Younggren
Thank you for commenting Mike. I think eBay and Amazon have found a great business model for smaller ticket items, as Christopher mentioned. Simply from an outsiders perspective, I think the travel, insurance, and investment industries have experienced similar challenges due to the efficiency of information. Some investment companies guessed that investors wouldn't side step broker since he has the pulse on the stock market. Yet companies like etrade emerged because investment information is so accessible and abundant due to the Internet. Armed with all this info., a person now feels confident on were to invest and just wants to place a trade. It seems the industries that I have just mentioned, are ones where the customer must put a high level of trust in the sales rep. And because the rep has a commission riding on their suggestions, customers understand the advise might be bias. When part or all of your competitive advantage is information and that advantage is taken away. It will be interesting in watch these industries rise to the challenge.
Aileen Crass
Awesome article. I think the industry needs to focus on professional sales people rather than sales techniques. Customers are going to continue to become more and more educated.

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