Getting The Best Bang for Your Buck Out of A Sales Trainer

Will McGinnis
First one that comes to mind with Video on Demand training is Grant Cardone. I also hear good things about Tommy Gibbs but uncertain of video training being included.
Ron Henson
This is going to sound like a pitch, but you did ask. DrivingSales University is a fantastic online training tool that seamlessly meshes with our performance coaching to help dealers go to the next level in their Internet Operations, which certainly touches all transactions in today's market. Feel free to reach out to me for more information.
Paul Coughlin
Chip, don't know the size or goals of your auto group however, 4 days a quarter is on the light side of any on-site, in-store direct interface training. In my ten years of providing direct customised support in variable & fixed ops, most retail locations need at least 1 day per month to keep staff fresh, current and on their toes. Smaller operations could potentially justify 1 x every 60 - 90 days. Experience has led us to resist the general assembly, academic type lecture training. Participants become bored and are away from their work environment. And with industry focus on customer retention, the training key now is to achieve harmomy withing the front and back ops. Fixed ops are no longer "red headed step children" although we continue to observe well managed retail operations deficient in skill, process and coordination as they attempt to drive higher sales and gross while looking to double their total total customer retention (defined as 2 customer pay visits per year). Any auto group who really wants to improve their total business should consider a comprehensive, in-store training partner firm who can execute a lazer like strategy to achieve long term operating metrics. The outcome should be where everyone is more accountable. Managers & Sales people (including service writers) gain skill through better processes and ultimately the "customer" is motivated to return for all their automotive needs.
Making it way to hard Sales training in 1 sec. " Would you like to buy the car? " simple yes or no .. YES, " Ok lets go wrap it up" if "yes but" , either answer or go find answer.. "NO" , OK why not? keep going until you get a YES OR TURN
Will McGinnis
Ron, I was going to say Driving Sales, but I figured we are on :) Of course that's my #1 recommendation.
Ron Henson
Thanks Will!

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