Has anyone heard of DealerPinch?

Steve Momot

Has anyone heard of or used DealerPinch from the Dealership side?  It's supposedly a car buying service but they dont do anything for the buyer.  Essentially the buyer builds the car they are looking for (Only New), put in what they can afford or are willing to spend, then that offer gets sent to 4 dealerships that sell that brand.  So Chevy Tahoe would be 4 Chevy dealers. If you are one of the dealers you can accept the terms (Which I'm sure is rare) or you can counter and have a back and forth.   

Apparently there is also a soft credit pull so the dealership can see what the buyer can actually afford or qualify for.  The biggest difference here is that no personal contact information is given except for when the buyer accepts a deal from a dealer.  Then that winning dealer gets all the information they need even to begin the parperwork.  They apparently can even tack on a deposit to a Credit Card which of course isn't enforceable but it does show the person is serious.

Thoughts?  Experiences? 

Kevin Kulma

Well the last FB post was in Oct 2016, last Yelp review was in March 2016 and last Instagram post was in mid 2016.   I think it is a safe bet these guys are gone.   

Steve Momot

They really just scraped inventory?  Didn't think that particular business model worked without directly working with the dealerships.

Steve Momot

Well Dealerguy, would you say there is a stomach out there to help grow a third party site that doesnt scrape and protects the inventory you give it?  Is it really worth ($) anything to you?  I've been doing some heavy research on this and as you may know, it's not just a small listing site with a bot that's the problem.  Listings are like a network where all of these companies are sharing with each other, even companies you thought were competitors!

I myself was a dealer before getting into this venture I'm involved with and I'll tell you I get did it, and I get it.  But I also know that there wasn't much stomach for supporting companies doing it the right way.  It's kinda like in Good Fellas right?  (F*** you, pay me).  Except in this case its:  "Wow that's great you will protect my listings, now how many other dealers are using you, and how many leads do you give them?"

Or am I wrong?

Chris K Leslie


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