How are people converting 2009 buyers from 2008 buyers?

James Lovely
The biggest challenge I am facing right now with our internet client base, is getting our customers off of the 2008 models and considering a 2009? Our particular dealership is just about out of 2008 models but has tons of 2009 models in stock. Our competition is in the same boat. However, the feedback from our clients is they will not even consider a 2009 when 2008 may be had. Any suggestions on how to turn those customers into sales?
Bart Wilson
This is always a challenge. You would think that we would have it figured out since it happens every year. My best answer is depreciation. When it is time to sell your 2008 the buyer doesn't care when you bought it. It will still be worth less than the 2009. Also, what about the new features on the 2009 that didn't come on the 2008? If they are gone they are gone. Is the guest going to wait another year and hope they have the same rebates? Better to pay a little more for something you want verses settle for something else.

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