How do you deliver the vehicle?

Bart Wilson

With all of the technology in today's new vehicles, how do you do a delivery?  It seems like drinking from a firehose.  Anyone solve for this?

Derrick Woolfson

Love the analogy! This is certainly a struggle we face. Anything from We-Owe's (and how they are processed), to actually making sure we review the features on the vehicle. A lot of customers will tell you "oh we can figure that out later," when in actuality, many will not, which can make for an unpleasant experience. To alleviate some of these pains, our OEM has a delivery app, and the app uses the VIN to make sure we go over features that are specific to the vehicle. This has helped us - especially when we have to leave the customer at the desk to go check-in on the clean-up status. This helps the customer stay engaged so they do not feel as if we just left them there to wait. 

Bart Wilson

Is the solution multiple deliveries where you schedule times to review different features with customers?  Maybe the answer is regular owner clinics.

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart, the argument (including customer feedback) on the owner clinics is that they do not want to have to make additional trips to the dealership. As well as they all have different features/options. One thing, though, that would be nice is if our dealership website had the "most commonly" asked questions with regards to features/options. More often than not, the OEM sites are difficult to navigate and/or the content is not exactly what the customer is looking for. 

Chris K Leslie

We are lucky to have delivery teams. Their responsible for fully delivering the car, on star, GM rewards and scheduling first service visit. 

Bart Wilson

Chris, how are your delivery teams organized?

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