How Do You Handle The Keys for Inventory?

Derrick Woolfson

I am curious to see how others are handling the keys for your inventory at the dealership? Right now, we have the keys in the office where the sales consultants sit. However, because they are left open keys go missing, etc. In the past, we have had the keys in the cashier's office. But from my experience, it caused back-ups at the cashier's office and interrupted the customers experience while checking out. I appreciate any insight/suggestions on this! 

    Chris K Leslie

    Keytrack store here. Love it. you always know where the keys are and who has them. 

    Derrick Woolfson

    If you have a minute, is there a link to their website? I would love to check that out! We use a sign-out is not working....haha. 

    Bart Wilson

    Anyone still use lockboxes?  I loved having the keys at the vehicle vs going inside and hunting for them.

    Marie Nies

    Bart-some still use lockboxes but I've never heard of keeping them at the vehicle. What do you mean by that exactly ???

    Derrick-I think having it near the sales team is a bad idea. I've seen it in a few places such as behind the receptionist, which almost acted as the key master if you will-near the technicians bays-etc.....And then the second key or spare would be left in the deal jacket for those customers that request or want a second key. 


    Bart Wilson

    They were boxes that draped over the window.  You inserted a key and accessed the vehicle keys.  These are more than likely becoming obsolete as ignition keys go away.

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