How do you lead your salespeople to provide a better customer experience?

Bart Wilson

In your training that you conduct, how are you working with your sales team to provide a better experience?

Derrick Woolfson

We looked at our "detractors" from the OEM report and paired that with commonalities in the CES scores. In doing so, it allowed us to take common customer concerns and train on that. The concept is that we might not be able to fix everything at once. But fixing one or two critical components of the sale process at a time can have a profound impact. For example, one of the issues we had early on was a common one "too much time spent waiting for F&I," which should not be an issue - but if the sales consultant is nowhere to be found - and the customer is waiting by themselves - then it can make for a bad experience. Whereas, if they stayed with the customer and reviewed warranties, or even started to review the car the customer stays engaged. 

Mark Rask

Derrick can you share that data with me 

Jon McKean

It's all about training on the sales process.  If your salespeople walk the customers through the process, it naturally becomes a better experience.  It starts from the initial contact, whether it be online, on the phone or on the lot.  It's about going that extra step to set yourself apart from the "guy down the street".  Unfortunately in our business, the bar isn't set that high.  If your team is constantly focusing on providing a superior and "seamless" process, the experience will improve exponentially.

Mark Rask

Jon is right needs to center around the process

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