How do you think consumers will respond to higher gas prices?

Vincent R
With gas prices getting close to $4 per gallon, do you believe there will still continue to be a demand for gasoline powered engines or do you think more and more people will start looking more at electric vehicles? In my experience the smaller compacts are just more difficult to move. How do you think consumersw will adapt?
Robert Karbaum
There is a finite amount of oil. Eventually, we will have to switch to something else.
Linda Loepker
Gas prices in our area have been dropping. Down to $3.08 where my sister lives! I'm sure they will increase as winter approaches. I would love to see more interest in electric vehicles in our area, but they are just so pricey. I would love to have one but can't swing the payment. We seem to like our big trucks in this area.
Vincent R
Check these out, Linda. I really like the Hondas.
Lauren Moses
Our area is alot like Linda described. We have a few with the electric cars. My cousin has the Prius and loves it. Though the batteries on those things are only covered up to 100,000 miles so if you drive alot (like he does) they don't last you as long. And the batteries are around $10,000 to replace. Gas for us is $3.02 for the most part. Drive an hour south and it's $2.97. And Robert is right, It's not something that can be created from thin air. We are going to have to look at alternative measures, as some already have, and make them more readily available to the every day consumers and not just the rich ones that can afford it.
Lauren Moses
And can I just say that I am seriously LOVING the Honda CR-Z. It's just so dang sexy looking!

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