How healthy is your phone process?

Bart Wilson

The phones are an essential part of the success of your dealership.  How healthy would you say your phone handling process is?  What would you say is the biggest opportunity?

Mark Rask

Once they get to the right person I feel that it is good...….biggest opp for improvement would be call routing 

Bart Wilson

Good point Mark.  I feel that a lot of time is spent on the phone handling process, but maybe the biggest opportunity is in getting the call to the right person.  How do you guys do your routing?

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart - I second what Mark said, that remains an issue. One of the things we have done to combat that is by having over-flow calls go to us, and if the intended person is on the phone, etc. we offer to take a message. 

Derrick Woolfson

One of the challenges we face with the phone process is not always capturing the customer's information when they call in. And while it is easier said than done, there are instances where the customer will not give their information. So instead of focusing on the one or two who are unwilling to do so, focus on the process itself. If you are consistent in how you handle the phones, it is easier to improve your team's performance. 

Marie Nies

The biggest opportunity I would say is those that come in thru the receptionist/service department. 

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