How long should it take?

Kal Owainat
How long do you think it should take to sell a vehicle? that's from the meet and greet to singing in the business office.
Randi DeSantis
I think putting our time frame on it is a big mistake. It should take exactly as long as the customer wants it to take.
Patrick McIntyre
Now that is an intelligent answer!
Megan Barto
It can vary - do they have their financing set up? Do they have a trade-in? You can't put a specific "time frame" on it - putting a time frame or a "clock" on it would be a disservice to the customer. With that being said - I've seen it take 45 minutes (paperwork & all) to several hours.
raphael chan
I think Randi pretty much has it on the nose. If you are talking about a standard sales process it should take about 45 min if there are no objections simply go from one phase to another, this would be the textbook example. But customers are a little more three dimensional than that. Rookie sales people can take as long as 1-2 visits with an average of 1 hour each for a hot lead while a vet could wrap it in 45 min. Its more important to focus on figuring out what kind of customer you are dealing with and taking it from there.
Grant Gooley
As long as it needs to take to satisfy the customer!

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