How often are you checking your website pricing?

Drew Bettiol

Howdy all!

How frequently are you checking to make sure the prices in your DMS/CRM are matching what is on your website? 

Derrick Woolfson

I wish it could be daily, Drew - the Sales Managers review it weekly, and then we assist them with updates. We try to make it easy, too by using the reports our inventory management tool offers. 

Chris K Leslie

I usually spot check weekly. 

Mark Rask


Bryant Gibby

Great question... I always tried to spot check weekly.

If you have a solid pricing strategy and a good pricing/inventory management tool that you use regularly, there should almost never be any price discrepancies. I recommend managing your pricing and your turn several times per week so you don't fall behind and start having an aging issue.

Drew Bettiol

That's a great idea Bryant. I do my best to make sure all prices are lining up and the right numbers are being pushed from the DMS to the Website. 

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