How often to followup after the sale?

Joseph Grimaldi
We like to follow up at different times, a couple days after the sale, 3 months, 1 yr, 2 yr and then the follow up changes based on how the vehicle was purchased, lease, finance or cash. The follow up should be focused on the vehicle but also building a relationship with the customer. You want to make sure that the customer keeps the dealership in the front of their mind, this helps with service after the sale and future sales with that customer. The other big thing is to ask for referrals from that customer. Everyone knows that repeat and referral business is the easiest to work with and has the highest closing ratio. Build a relationship and referrals are the keys to the follow up!
Jeffrey Byrge
Sale. Referral. Repeat Sale. Customer for LIFE/ADVOCATE FOR YOU. (if this isn't your goal, you shouldn't be in sales) I am very passionate about properly done follow up. The schedule is only half of it. If a dealership is serious about repeat customers for life, and sales associates are serioius about building their sales funnel properly, then owner follow up is essential. Here is my suggested schedule. (please remember, this is an overview, the other half if the training and proper sales skills necesarry to be successful. Grunting "How do ya like the car?" once into a voice mail is not proper follow up) Also, think of the value you can give your customer. Consider driving or service tips in a newsletter format, but personalized. Don't send a card or letter unless you are really giving something of value and benefit to your customer. Otherwsie, you are just like everyone else. (BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!! They matter. A good CRM will give you this task. CALL and send a card) Next Day: How are things doing? Remind of survey. Ask if they have any questions? Be willing to have them come in if they need help pairing a phone or help with the radio.... Mail thank you card/letter. 30 Days: Thank them for their business. How are they enjoying the car? Talk about onlilne reviews, how important they are for the sales associate, ask for referrals. Send letter with same topic. 60 days: First oil change call. Send letter with same topic.Include coupon if appropriate. Ask if they would like you to schedule service for them. 6 months: Thank them. "Just checking on how your first service visit was." 1 Year Anniversary: Congratulations! Thank them. Ask for referrals. Send card. (Offer $50 for a personal referral who has never bought from you??) Every 6 months: Personalized newsletter mailed and emailed with an update on you, your product line, and their car. (this isn't as hard as sounds) 2 years: Equity call. Ask if they would be interested in learning the value of their car and if they would be interested in trading it in if you can keep them at a similar or lower payment? 3 Years: Equity call. Ask if they would be interested in learning the value of their car and if they would be interested in trading it in if you can keep them at a similar or lower payment? Etc, Etc, Etc One great benefit for all concerned, the sales person is always busy, always engaged, and always growing their database. Managers can make this happen!
Max Katsarelas
These are really, really helpful. Thanks guys!
Big Tom LaPointe
after purchase, follow up enough to ensure CSI and a quality experience without bugging the crap out of them. Then touch every 90 days - i like alternating phone call and email. but there MUST be calls. most salespeople won't make them, especially when they don't see an immediate sale potential. but they can look for excuses - happy holiday (whatever's near), saw a car like yours, even "it's a slow week - do you know anyone i can call who may be in the market?" plus contact them about dealer or sponsored events - even if its to tell them you are working the auto show and to stop and say hi if they are going to be there
Pat McKemy
A very good and helpful post Jeffrey, thanks for the post. I agree with your points. Following up after a sale is always and in every sense beneficial for both the parties. Emails and phone calls are the easiest ways of staying in touch with the customer.
Tami Paulus
I think we should follow up a couple of days after the sale, 3 months, 1 year and 2 year. I like alternating phone call and email to follow up because it is the best way to stay in touch with them.

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