Hows your month going?

Chris K Leslie

March has normally been a really great month for us but this year seems to be dragging a bit. What are you guys seeing out there? 

Derrick Woolfson

We have had a very solid month, but agree that the year has been a bit slow. We have since invested more money in AdWords, and are cutting more third-party vendors, and investing that money on our own site. 

Chris Travis

Solid because I'm in Southern, IN/ Kentucky and February got hit by bad weather off and on. Last month was subpar for me compared to what I normally do.

I got the call in from upper management about how 80% of our customers that set up through social media leads weren't coming in on a certain week. Well they are rural and don't want to drive on ice and snow so what can I tell you? They get a text from me when a customer cancels so if they wanted to offer them more to risk the drive they could have.

Mark Rask

We started off very strong but have slowed down 

Michael Smith

About the same for deliveries but front and back are up by quite a bit.

Chris K Leslie

Being in Las Vegas we dont really have to deal with bad weather like most. I can only imagine how bad things can get when the weather is terrible. 

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