"I need to talk to my spouse"

Bart Wilson

This is a common objection we all get.  What do you say when the customer tells you they need to talk the deal over with their spouse?

Jeff Bollinger

"Of course, I wouldn't buy a car without my wife, here's the keys, there's a plate on it, make sure it fits in the garage, we'll see you tomorrow".  Overnight drives have huge impact

Victoria Dillabough

Agree completely with Jeff! That's our big line too ;) 

Bart Wilson

Good call Jeff.  A lot of times this is just an excuse to get out of the dealership.  Do you find this helps to flush out a deeper concern?

Jeff Bollinger

It certainly does, I was fortunate when I started in the industry to have an excellent trainer, who hammered into my head that 'no doesn't mean no, it means you haven't told me enough to say yes'.  

Just another reflex objection that needs to be overcome to get them to sign :) 

Bart Wilson

Good point, Jeff.  "No" is rarely the answer.  More often we interpret a customer response as a "no".  What they really mean is, "I need more information to make a decision".

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