Impression share, what is your cost per 1000 and are you paying too much?

Dave Rozek
I recently have had tons of IP address programs and Mobile Dynamic ad vendors visit me. 12 different internet marketing programs and most of them advertising on this site or Automotive News. My issue with these companies are that they give us great web traffic, great impressions, but when I dial it down to referring traffic the bounce rate is 75% to 90%. I am told traffic is up and sales are up, but Go to your CRM and prove it. Quantify it for me. Most can not and those that can tell me we sell 10 more car sales per month at a cost of 5K to 7K per month. 500 to 700 additional spend to sell a car is pretty crazy. Do you agree or disagree? I have an awesome BDC, and everyone can improve, but these impression programs and Dynamic display ads have not been worth the money for me so far. Have you had success with one? Today, I had a conference call with one vendor that offered me 500 unique visitors for $1995.00. Told me it takes 32 visitors to sell one car on his 130 affiliate sites (Car and Driver the only one I knew). That being said, I requested his bounce rate average. He claims its low at 60%. That gives me 300 leads divide by 32 using his math is 9 sales. I challenged them to prove it and give me 30 days free and if it works I would sign to do the next 3 months. He hasn't responded to my challenge :) Maybe I should just make 130 automotive websites and host our stores inventories? I won't be or but I might feel better spending it on my own affiliate network. I need a quote, lol.
Carl Maeda
Don't look at bounce rate. A high bounce rate is ok if the main call-to-action on a page is a phone number. 1. Look at how many leads they generate. 2. Look at the quality of the leads... how do they close compared to your other leads. Then figure out how much you pay per lead and per sale. Is it worth it? If you are using Google Analytics, ask the vendor to tag the incoming links. Once they do, you can see the traffic in Google Analytics and then figure out how many form leads the vendor produces. If you have a call tracking solution, see if they can detect the same Google tags so you show tracking phone numbers when that vendor sends traffic. From here, you can figure out the number of form leads and calls. If you need any help, feel free to reach out to me. 858-270-9444 x242 I'd be glad to send over screenshots or whatever.
Lauren Moses
Dave, It sounds like you are really battling what we are right now. Though we are a super small store by most comparisons. @Carl, when you say have our vendors use our google analytics so we can track traffic where do they put the code for that? If you don't mind I would love some help with getting that set up.
Shawn Ryder
@Lauren - as a vendor we add customer "tag" in a campaign (like "Lauren Moses Feb 2015 Email") and then when a client dealer looks at their analytics traffic shows as coming from that named campaign - if set up tough to hide the results, no question. @Dave - we work with dealers using IP tracking connected to email sending - so once a reader hits the site can see what they look at and interact based on that... even with future visits. Know a lot of vendors are hitting you up, but this feature is really something that builds leads from your sendings and at a low cost.
Amy Hughes
Some of our dealers are taking campaigns like the ones you describe and targeting them into the areas where they have the highest return on gross profit or the largest opportunity to move specific vehicles. We plot the dealer's opportunity for them in our software, but you wouldn't necessarily have to have our software, if you can utilize a do it yourself method. However, the ridiculous return on investment comes when you match the targeted opportunity zip with the highest concentration of model registrations AND match the messaging based on Experian's auto consumer research (only available in the DPS). Tagging is key, as many have noted. Be certain to apply a goal value to each conversion channel and look for spikes in campaign value, not just traffic. Also, look for increases in traffic around your targeted growth areas, not overall lift. When you can prove the targeted areas have a high return over the lifetime value of the customer, crank the impression share only in those areas, it will be worth it. Fast forward into the following webinar about 20 minutes or so and take a look at the lift in the campaigns that we tested in a case study.
Carl Maeda
Shawn just answered your question to me. You can also use Segments in Google Analytics if you want to see past data and didn't set up the tags until now but using Segments is not very intuitive. I love setting this up for our clients and friends because it allows you to track the source all the way to the sale. There's no smoke and mirrors to hide behind if the vendor performs poorly.

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