Internet Lead Distribution - Best Practices?

David Book
Hi gang... I'm looking for some opinions. We are constantly asked "how should I distribute internet leads" and I always struggle to give them the "best answer." Naturally, your approach will depend on the type of arrangements in your stores... but, assume more than one person is reponsible for answering internet leads.. The options are many, please comment on your favorite approach. a) Assign the new lead to "the next guy in line" and wait for him to deal with it. b) Assign the new lead to the "next guy in line" and wait for him to deal with it, if he does nothing in a pre-determined amount of time,automatically re-assign it with no uesr intervention (the automatic part is sometimed bad). c) Do not assign new leads to anyone, leave them unassigned until the most motivated rep "claim the new lead." d) Assign all new leads to a manager and let the manager decide "who gets it." Thanks for your feeback.... David Book
Jared Hamilton
We tried manager distribution (where the manager decides), the automated distribution (where the system automatically distributes based off of scheduling) and then we morphed the lead distribution like the incoming phone calls and that worked the best... by FAR! leads came in, the receptionist pages "available sales call the operator" the sales people all rush to call in, the first one in gets the lead or the call (which ever it is.) You have to breed competition on the sales floor, but in our store this was the only way they could get a lead or a call, was to be hungry and go after it. Then we managed each person's for response time. I believe each rep should be accountable to respond to their leads in less than 20 min... just my thoughts
Susan Burgess
Okay Jared- I'm certain that you and the owner of the dealership I work for have been talking now. He was talking about the kind of process that you said works the best by far. So of course I went out searching for a successful blueprint of what he was describing...and here it is. If you don't mind- would you go into more details of all the semantics for making the process of lead delivery you described work? I would like to show him the lay out of the process and be able to ask questions about how to integrate without increasing costs.
Matt Watson
Another strategy would be to divide the leads up by used vs new or OEM leads vs 3rd party leads or other types of lead sources. You could also split the leads by brand if you sell Chevy and Cadillac for example at the same store. The CRM should also take in to account the salepeople's hours and who works next. I think the answer is always "it depends" :-) Some of my come down to limitations of your CRM system. I've even heard of dealers wanting to do it based on the stock # on the vehicle being requested....
Susan Burgess
Ack- Matt! That's a bit too narrowed of a process for even me- assigning leads by stock number. I know that there are dealers that assign stock numbers to sales reps- City Auto in Memphis has the sales reps buy the vehicles they will be selling. I'm not interested in that yet... I'm seriously trying to be open minded to the process that Jared said he's tried with the "handling leads like a phone up". The issue I see is the holding people accountable that do not follow the process Jared is talking about. It's also part of the daily "don't care" attitude that has seemed to permeate the middle management and the majority of the sales staff as of late. You have the few that are really getting abused because they are doing their job and the slackers job as well. We have a huge issue with the phone calls- the usual "promise to call customer back" and the customer calls back and talks to five other reps because they didn't hear back from any of them. The store is doing training- s
Jared Hamilton
Susan, what we did was quite simple but very effective, there are also a few variations of it. To set it up your phone operator needs her own computer (I assume she already has one) and a specific cell phone with a basic texting plan will also help. 1. Lead hits your CRM system > CRM system pings the cell phone with a text notifying of lead. This way there is an audible ring just like your receptionist is use to. One of the pitfalls in the system is our receptionists were not activly watching the computer screen, but they were use to the phone ringing. 2. Receptionist gets lead and pages "sales line 0" Since many stores pass out phone leads this way, it is nothing the store isnt use to. First sales person to call in is assigned the call, or in this case the lead. She transfers the lead to the sales rep in the CRM. 3. The Sales rep handles the lead as trained. To help manage the process your CRM system is critical and must easily help track everything with little effort. Naturally we

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