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Christopher Murray
A Turn Over is a simple process that has no other objective but to close a sale! Get their names in advance and leave the salesperson behind. Be direct and to the point......"Hi! My name is Chris, one of the managers. Would you mind if I join you?" That's the intro....Now let them talk! You do not really have to say anything until they stop talking. No cute or seemingly clever phrases just "shut up and listen until they stop!" That will, almost every time, reveal what you need to know to close. Does that help at all?
Alan Weeks
Thank you!
Christopher Murray
Alan, also remember to T/O EVERY customer humanly possible! No matter what and it will pay HUGE dividends.
Russ Chandler
Great advice Chris, the objective should always be to get the sale but many times its the difference between simpler things like getting contact information or just moving the customer to the next step in the sale process like a test drive. You can't over-use the TO!

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