Inventory Photo Service, In-house vs. outsourced

Matt Lowery
We do it in-house. We use Vinsolutions as our CRM and they have a tool called Vin-Camera that works very well. You just snap the pictures and video and plug the camera in. It does all the work of uploading it to your website. We find our numbers much improved with actually having someone in house do it. It also saved us around $12 a car, which is what we paid for pictures before. We were quoted as much as $30 to do pictures plus video.
Big Tom LaPointe
netlook is pretty good. definitely look at they aren't in every market, but owner jay smithwick is a good car guy and his data transfers are clean
James Jalali
Matt, Thank you for your info, I am trying to figure out the best option as far as price and convenience.
Matt Lowery
When we dropped the company taking photos... Dealer Specialties I believe was their name we doubled our time on site and lead conversions went up by 25%. They took 12 pictures of the cars. We take between 25 and 40, and video. To do that, they wanted $32 a car. We found its cheaper, faster and works better to do it in-house. Good luck whichever way you go!
James Jalali
Tom, thanks for input. It seems that doesn't serve California.
James Jalali
Having photo service in-house will speed up online presence and definitely more clicks.

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