Is the customer always right?

Morgan Hardy

We all know that customers do their research when looking to buy a new car. However, there are always those customers who think they know it all. I've run into many instances where that is not the case! It seems that correcting them is frowned upon because it offends them? How do other people handle these situations?

Chris K Leslie

Customer are rarely right but thats only because they dont have the same tools we have. Their cars are never worth as much as they think they are, they never qualify for all the rebates they think they should qualify for, they think they owe less on their car then they really do, they think credit karma is a real credit report. It's all about just reminding customers that what they have done before getting here is practice for the big show, the real deal holyfield. etc. 

and for others, sometimes people just wanna watch the world burn. 

Morgan Hardy

@Chris - yes! A big thing I run into is customers thinking that they know the product and what features they can get on specific models.. because they saw it somewhere or their friend has one. 9 times out of 10, it is not the case. 

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