Is the test drive really that important?

When it comes to selling a new car, how important is it really for the salesperson to accompany the customer on a test drive in order to make the sale?

Chris K Leslie

Thats a really good question. 

If I am reading this right. You are asking does the salesperson need to roll with the customer or can the customer roll solo?

Right, and I understand not all dealerships would be able to allow for solo test drives. But how important is that step, really? Do you think that top sellers make this part of their routine? Is it individual? What do you think?

Depends on the car they want to test drive. If it's got techy stuff in it (Navigation, Rear Backup Camera, Blind Spot Detection, In-car Internet, etc.), then I think it's essential that the salesperson joins the customer so they can show them all these features during the test drive. I still have customers asking me how to turn on a car with push-button start or how to get in drive gear with the rotary shifter on the Chrsyler 300.

Now if it's a very base model with no advanced safety features or technology, it probably isn't necessary to join the customer for the test drive. I mean, really, this type of customer is just looking for a reliable vehicle that doesn't make strange noises at 55 mph, you know?

Mark  Handlon

It is all part of building a relationship with the customer. The more time you spend with them the more you get to know them. The key is letting them drive the car where they want to and as long as they want to.

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