Is there a way to monitor Battery charge on a large inventory?

Guillermo Gonzalez
Is getting harder and harder to monitor battery charge on our inventory, These hot days of summer always increase the number of vehicles with dead batteries. It can affect the ability for our sales people to continue the sales process when batteries are dead. I was wondering if anybody knows of any more efficient way to monitor them. Thanks
Lauren Moses
Best thing to do is get either your sales reps or the porters to crank them atleast once a week. We grab our key board and start at one end and crank them all. Since we are a smaller dealer and don't have a ton we let them run about 10 to 15 minutes that go turn them back off and put the keys back on the board. If you have a larger inventory then by the time you get done cranking them all (or in sections if need be) the first ones have already been sitting running for 10 to 15 minutes and you wont need to wait and can just go straight to turning them off. We had a major problem with our 15 Yukon's doing this and it's a HUGE turn off to customers that a new car wont crank. After talking to our service manager he told us to do the above and we haven't had a problem since.
InterActive DMS
Some of our dealers have success using this company Could be worth the look.
Mark Miller
Most dealers I've worked at use Laurens technique, or they re-organize the lot often enough to start the vehicles once a week. @interactive DMS that looks like an interesting solution that could a godsend to a dealership with a large inventory. I'd be interested in hearing about it's accuracy.
Denim Simkins
like what @lauren and @mark have said the only way I have ever seen it done is when moving the lot or starting and running cars for a period of time. The problem is it is not safe and secure and could take a long period of time on a larger lot. I really like the automated version and really could be a good tool and save time. I agree if I were a customer and went out to see a car with a salesman and it was dead, it would would be a negative. Even when the car is jumpstarted and then going on a test drive all the radio presets would be back at factory default, nav system loading and then the vehicle not running at peak due to the dead battery and the ecm re programming
Lauren Moses
Denim makes a great point about security. Thankfully we are a smaller dealer in a small town that its never been an issue. Just don't do like a rookie did here and use the remote starters to crank them and turn them off...That doesn't end well.

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