Leasing Is a Loss

Amanda Gordon

I personally think leasing is the only way buying a new car makes sense these days. This article seems to think different. Thoughts??


Why Leasing is  a No No

Tori Zinger

I agree -- it's not what it used to be. I lease all my vehicles, and a vast majority of dealership salespeople I know lease theirs, as well.

Vidushi Jain

I think it all depends. If one likes changing cars and upgrading to new technology leasing is the thing but if someone is looking for 6-8 years time horizon then buying might be a good deal, even a new one. Plus miles is a big factor too.

Jacinto  Masch

Trying to maintain your weight effectively can be an onerous task. Sure, you can exercise strenuously and starve yourself until the hunger pangs get to you. 

Chris Murray

Leasing is certainly useful to some but needs trump acquisition methods. Myself? I lease my personal vehicle for fun and pure enjoyment but for work I buy them, mile them up and lavish them with maintenance because I will get 200,000 miles or more out of them. One is a tool and one is an adornment.

Mark  Nicholson

It’s what the customer wants that matters most. If they’re unsure, explain their options in an unbiased way.

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