Leaving a voicemail, do you do it or don't you?

Daniel Wilkins
We have discussed this in many sales meetings. The management thinks you should never leave a message on your first call. I don't see how it would hurt me leaving a message? Will they necessarily call me back from that voicemail? Maybe not, but at least they heard my name and dealership. What are your thoughts?
Lauren Moses
The main question is did they call you first off. If they did then of course you want to leave a voicemail. How else would they know you called besides some random missed call that they have no idea who it is. In all honesty I think you should leave one no matter what. In Louisiana it's just southern hospitality to leave one so they know who called and why.
Daniel Wilkins
That is basically how I see it as well. No matter the source of their inquiry I need to leave more than a number on their missed call log.
Chris Halsey
First rule in cold calling is don't make any assumptions. Ergo you need to leave a message in order to let the person on the other end know you are there and what you are all about. It's better to get a maybe no than a definite no because you didn't even try.
Dustin Lyons
I would always leave a message when I called from the dealership phone number which was usually my first attempt. If I didn't hear back from them I would usually try from my cell phone and if they didn't answer I would typically not leave a message. You would be surprised how many people called me back fairly quickly wondering who called them and then I was able to actually talk with them rather than hope they return my call from my message. I have greater control with my customers if I am able to speak directly with them It worked well for me.
Megan Barto
I don't ever ever ever ever ever ever ever want to be the person that does the "hangup" call. If you give them a *reason* to call you back, (not just the typical 'great news - I have cars to sell you!!!!!!!') they'll call you back.

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