Let them drive or come back tomorrow?

So how does your dealership handle the customer who shows up let's say 10-15 minutes before close? 

Mike Cartwright

Hey, Scott! We're lucky enough to have this happen 2-3 times a week. lol

As part of customer courtesy and to let them do away with the hassle of coming back to the shop the next day, we let them drive. It's an inconvenience for the most part, but we've gotten so used to it happening often.

Gary Cole

Hey! We experience this too every now and then. We'd let them drive instead of asking them to come back the next day. It may be a few minutes or hours over time but we sure don't want that prospect to just walk out when they're already considering buying.

Ophi Hendrix

This happens to us too every once in a while. We do let them stay and drive rather than asking them to come back the next day, which is a hassle to them.

Angela McCully

We let them drive. We are far enough away for most people (20 minutes makes a big difference when you are a small town dealership, instead of on "dealer row") that if they leave without committing, we may not see them again.

Chris K Leslie

I like to think that we treat them no different than any other time. 

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