Local Market Model Pricing

Chris K Leslie

How do you measure your pricing against your competitors pricing in your market by model?  

Do you use a spreadsheet and figure out the percentage difference?

Do you use software? 

How often do you do it? 



Dealer Guy

Chris - how do you ascertain and verify what your local competitors are selling their cars for if you do not have  their DMS access? 


mark rask

We have recently started using v auto for this....still new to us though

Chris K Leslie

Dealer Guy, I go to their website and see what they are advertising as the selling price. In most cases you can assume that they are pricing based on a matrix by looking at a few and calculating the percentage different. Its not an exact science but it's close enough for me. 

Mark, I was looking at Vauto's Conquest and that seems like it might answer some of the need I have. Is that the product you are refering to? 

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