Micromanaging or ...?

Victoria Dillabough

The debate between our management lately is, do you micromanage or "babysit" salesguys to make calls/send emails/respond to leads or do you focus energies elsewhere and part ways with those that simply don't listen....

Morgan Hardy

Some of our sales guys get away with it and management lets them. However, management does micro-manage some much more than others. I've never seen a process set in place that every has to and does actually follow in regards to this.

Bart Wilson

I feel like you should manage the activities that get the result.  What are the outcomes you're looking for?  Are you asking employees to complete tasks that lead to those outcomes?

Also, a good way to see if you're micromanaging employees is to ask yourself, "Do I hold my rock stars to the same standard?"  

Derrick Woolfson

In many dealerships it is the "wild wild west," and there is a new "process" depending on which way the wind blows, who you are, or what mood the managers in for the day. A lot of this can actually stem from the manager's pay plans. In that, instead of focusing on the "end-result" they focus on literally watching certain people make phone calls vs. training them or making phone calls themselves. But have they ever taken the time to ask why they are not making calls? Maybe they don't have the best phone skills or have not had much experience. As for not micro-managing the rock stars to Barts point - they tend not to over-manage the sales consultants that make them money. Regardless if it winds up costing them down the line. All that to say, no matter how much they 'love' their rock stars, the processes need to be the same across the board. And who knows the "micro-managed" failure might actually have the potential to be a rock star. 

Bart Wilson

I think its unfair to point the finger at managers.  In most cases, they are doing those activities because they are trying to drive results.  They just may be misguided.

I do agree with your "wild west" processes.  Too many dealerships are managing reactively instead of taking the time to be proactive.

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