Most creative sales spiff?

Bart Wilson

If we aren't careful, sales spiffs can become expected, and part of a pay plan.  What have you done that drives performance with your sales team?  More importantly, how have you made a spiff "special" and not expected?

Martins Ville

We sign bats. Front and back end total gross decides which bar to sign. $2500+ silver bat. $3500+ gold bar $4500+ black bat. Every bat is worth x amount, and once a month that is paid as an Amazon gift card.

Bart Wilson

Interesting.  Who generates the back-end gross at your store?

Derrick Woolfson

Adding "X" amount of dollars to their commission. We have mostly done this for old aged inventory. At which point, we provide the sales consultants a list of customers who might be interested in the vehicle. As for the BDC, they would get an additional $25-50 per appointment shown/sold. It has worked well for us; albeit, not as creative, but does build a higher sense of urgency. 

Lance Knopp

I guess our spiff have become part of the pay plan but we pay a bonus on New Cars once we hit our SFE objective.  With how competitive the market is on new cars it is a must that we hit our numbers so I give the sales staff an extra $100 per new vehicle sold once we it our objective. 

Bart Wilson

Lance, that's a good idea.  Spiffing the team on their performance.  Any time you can spiff the team vs an individual, I'm a fan.  Don't get me wrong, individual performance needs to be rewarded, but I think you get good mileage out of spiffing the team.

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