National Benchmark Data

Rodi Wolf

I wanted to know where I can find National benchmarks for closing ratios for the Internet dept. and other sales benchmark to see how we compare versus the national averages.

Any information of direction where I can find the info would be greatly appreciated. I have search NADA website, but I cannot find the information on their website.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. 


Bart Wilson

Great question Rudy.  Are you looking for closing percentages for the different traffic sources (Internet, phone, messaging, walk-in)? 

I don't know of any scientific benchmark data, but I can give you some goals to shoot for.

Rodi Wolf

Bart, that would be correct. I want to make sure that we are not that off with the National averages. 

Drew Bettiol

I would check with your 3rd party advertising companies. They may have access to that data. I actually would like to know that one as well.

Bart Wilson

Good idea Drew.  I used to use 12-15% as a benchmark for Internet closing percentages, but I think some of it depends on your lead mix.  If you're heavy third-party they might go down.

Rodi Wolf

Thank you for the feedback. I just called NADA and since we are a member dealer, they are going to mail me a package with National averages for the information I'm looking for. 

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