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Morgan Hardy

Do your used car salespeople also sell new cars and vice versa? Do you require that they have certification in all new brands that you sell?

Derrick Woolfson

For the most part no, but for their occasional customer that wants to purchase a new vehicle they will work with them. That is a good point about being certified for all brands! The more knowledge they have the better off they will be.

Chris K Leslie

We don't have different salespeople for new or used. Everyone can sell everything. 

Aimee Rogers

We require all of our salespeople to become certified in all of our brands.  They all sell new and used.

Morgan Hardy

There are only a handful that are certified in all brands but the others are still allowed to sell the new models. Some prefer not to though.

Bart Wilson

I love the idea of making salespeople get certified to sell specific brands (for new). You could also certify them to sell your pre-owned inventory if your dealership has specific programs (lifetime warranty, recon process, etc).

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