new car manager

bryan butcher
What form of advertising would drive new car sales the quickest. I understand the social media aspect. But was looking along the lines of television and radio. What is the best approach? Customer service, pricing etc.....
mark rask
Megan Barto
Great question - are you currently doing any equity mining? How many customers do you have in your data base? Remember - it's more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an existing one. People come in for service everyday, right? A lot of them are going to be in equitable positions. And a lot of the CRM's out there have equity mining tools.
bryan butcher
We just started.
Jason Stum
Hey @Bryan, I'm with @Megan on this one. Start with the relatively easy past first - your current customers. Advertising and marketing your dealership requires a lot of planning, strategy and implementation for it to work well. So if "quick" is your true need, then look to your customers first.
Lee Kincaid
I'm going add one more vote with Megan. It's been a while since I've run a sales desk but if I needed a few extra deals quick your current in equity customers that already have a relationship with your dealership is hands down the place to start. That said, much like any strategy make sure you have the right people, processes and technology in place BEFORE you start communicating to any customers. Technology: - can it target the right make/ models, the ones that you don't mind putting a few extra dollars into to make a deal. - can it factor in lender data, you may decide to include or exclude special finance customers People: -do you have the right people in place to communicate the compelling message to your customer correctly? Processes: - do you have talk tracks, emails and social media content in place to make sure message is clear. - what happens when you get the customer in the door? the experience need to be unlike their previous experiences. Remember you called these customers and invited them in, they need to be greeted properly, the appraisal process needs to be quick and detailed the vehicles that are likely to interest the customer should be up front, clean ready to test drive. Also if possible consider finding a way to park the "new" car NEXT to trade so as the walk around is being completed the customer is reminded of all the new features.The their old car does not have. just my two cents worth....

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