New car pricing tools?

Matt Watson
There are hundreds of used car pricing tools these days, but where are the new car pricing tools? I need to be able to change pricing to remain competitive online, but you can't conceivably get anything done if you have to edit one-by-one. Does anyone have a suggestion for a New Car pricing tool that allows things like rules and scheduling based on trim, age, etc?
Shannon Hammons
vAuto is rolling rolling out new car conquest. We have seen how it works and are going live very soon. It's a great tool by a great company.
Robert Karbaum
The idea of bulk pricing adjustments sends a shiver down my spine. Too many opportunities to mis-price a unit for a lo$$. Maybe it's just me, but I would be weary about heading down that avenue.
Megan Barto
We use Homenet and I have pricing rules set up in there. I know with VinSolutions you can also set up pricing rules for your new cars. With VinSolutions, you can set rules based on Days On The Lot, Drive Train, Inventory Date, Inventory Type, Year, Make, Model, Model Code, MPG, Trim, etc, etc. With Homenet, you can set rules based on Type, Year, Make, Model, Trim/Model Code (at least this is all I've found). If you use either of these companies and have any questions, please let me know!
Shaun Weissman
Red Bumper is coming out with a new car pricing tool too.
Chris K Leslie
Homenet allows you to do all of that and more.

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