No Haggle Pricing

Morgan Hardy

Is "No Haggle Pricing" really "No Haggle Pricing?" I find that customers aren't buying it anymore. Is this still working for anyone?

Jason Volny

A true "No-haggle pricing" does not work, it only appeals to 13% of the shoppers. I've seen dealerships letting their customers walk over floor mats just to prove a point. On the other hand, "nagotiation-style pricing" appeals to only 15%. However, we rarely get full sticker for our vehicles and our grosses are lower than ever. There is a huge middle section of people that just want a fair price and maybe a little bit of wiggle room just to feel like they won. 

Morgan Hardy

@Jason- I see a lot advertising no haggle pricing still and just don't see it working

Martins Ville

One year ago I bought my used Nissan rogue. I looked on all the major websites and was looking specifically for a 2015 rogue SL all-wheel drive under 30,000 MI. almost every dealer I talked to said yes this is our best price online obviously we have to give you the best price because you can see how the vehicle compares to everyone else.

But it wasn't at the price that I wanted to pay. And I was looking within a 250 mi radius of where I was living.

Through serendipity, a stunning low mileage 2015 SL popped up on a local dealer's website I had not checked before. The vehicle was not listed on any of the major websites.

It was pric ed $2,000 below most of the similar vehicles I wanted to buy.

I test drove the car I told the guy I'm prepared to make you an offer. He came back with the pencil and I scratched out their number and I told him this is what I will pay today, it's a take it or leave a deal.

They took the deal and they ended up buying the lowest price 2015 Nissan rogue SL all-wheel drive and all of the United States.

After 20 years in the car business on the digital side I learned how to buy cars, consumers are still confused.

consumers don't care about floor plans or how big that nut you have to crack every month is because it's not their problem.


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